About CloudMart

We solve a really simple problem. Give organisations a tool to get the most competitive price on any salesforce implementation and ensure the solution is delivered to the highest quality. 


CloudMart is a concept developed by Blirt where exisiting and prospective Salesforce customers can lodge salesforce implementation projects for the purpose of receiving a quote within 48 hours. CloudMart send the details contained in the lodged quote to numerous salesforce partners, with the best priced quote being successful. All quality control, high level project and technical scoping is done by CloudMart so you can keep running your business.


The Problem We Solve

The majority of Australian and New Zealand clients the engage an offshore provider end up spending more and taking twice as long. This poor customer experience is for two reasons:

  1. Many small business customers don’t understand the complexities involved and may not have the capacity to effectively brief in what they need
  2. Offshore developers provide little to no strategic advisory, leaving clients open to risk. 

CloudMart solves both. 

Who we are

CloudMart is a high quality, customer-focused and capable supplier within the salesforce ecosystem. We make the brief to quote to implementation process easy by providing expert advisory and facilitation.

Need Help?

If you need to speak to someone before submitting your brief, chat online now with Client Support. 

Adam Nelson

Client Support


My name is Adam and I’m part of the client support team here at CloudMart. If you have any questions about your salesforce implementation I’d be happy to answer them.