Frequently Asked Questions 

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What does CloudMart do?

CloudMart makes implementing your Salesforce solution easy and affordable. We find you the most competitive rate from a numerous Salesforce partners and manage the project for you. Never worry about the technicalities and know you are getting value on your investment.  

What is a Salesforce Implementation Partner?

A Salesforce Partner is a certified provider of implementation services from within the Salesforce ecosystem. They code, configure and migrate your business onto the technology to maximise user adoption, streamline business processes and set your organisation up for success. 

Can I implement my Salesforce solution myself?

You can, but it might be more expensive. Partners have deep industry knowledge and a specialised set of skills to get you up and running on the platform quickly. It is recommended that to maximise your investment and position your organisation for rapid scale, that you use a partner. 

What is the process during an implementation?

The process throughout an implementation can differ from product to product. As a broad overview the process starts with a brief to CloudMart (click here to submit your brief) followed by a formal scope of works to be agreed on by both parties. Once the project kicks off, the partner will start building the agreed infrastructure as per the agreed milestones within the agreed scope. Upon completion both CLoudMart and client will test the program to ensure it is a fit, then move into training. 

How long will my Salesforce Implementation take?

Some implementations can take 2 or 3 days, some more complex solutions can take up to 6 months. The time it takes to be fully implemented depends on scope and the readiness of the client. 

Will I need to hire someone to manage my Salesforce solution?

Not at all. While some larger solutions require a dedicated resource, the smaller projects are very user friendly and empowering to all employees. 

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